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Curtains & Drapery

Hanging new curtains is the perfect way to transform any living space. Curtains come in an array of patterns and solid colors, offering a multitude of decorating options for any home. In addition, curtains are available in short and long lengths to fit any window or door. Learn about the various kinds of curtain styles including rod pocket, grommet, pinch pleats and more below.

Rod Pocket

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One of the most commonly found curtain header options, the rod pocket curtain panel feeds onto a standard or decorative curtain rod easily. A rod pocket curtain might have a header or not.  The header adds additional style as it stands above the rod for visual affect. The more you gather the curtain panel on the curtain rod, the tighter the header appears.  Hang two or more rod pocket panels for your desired coverage and window style.


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A more modern look, the grommet top panel offers a smoother open and close experience. Grommets can be found on many curtain styles, offering an updated look to the traditional rod pocket or back tab curtain. Grommets allow curtains to slide open to flank the window to either side, and can be hung in multiples for a more decorator look. Hang easy-to-slide grommet panels on a decorative rod to cover patio and sliding glass doors.


Back Tab

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Back tab curtain panels have loops of fabric along the back of the top edge for easy installation. Gathering two or more back tab panels on a standard or decorative rod creates a dramatic gathered effect at the top of the curtain.


Tab Top

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Tab top panels offer a series of tabs at the top of the curtain or drapery panel. The curtain rod slips easily through the tab top loops for a decorator look.


Pinch Pleat

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A pinch pleat drapery panel offers a threefold pleat found at the top of a drapery, commonly hung using clip rings or curtain hooks. Types of pleats include French, Goblet, Inverted and Knife.


Tie Top

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Tie top curtains offer a series of fabric strips along the top of the panel that are tied around a drapery rod for a dramatic, more feminine look.


Kitchen Tiers

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Kitchen tiers come in a variety of configurations. Commonly sold as sets, kitchen tiers offer a panel for the top of the window and one that hangs below it at the bottom.


Patio Door

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Patio Door panels usually come in wider widths to accommodate a sliding glass door which opens to an outside living space. Patio door panels can be found as rod pocket, grommet and pinch pleat for versatile hanging options.


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